Auditions for Red Velvet Cake Wars

Wednesday, April 20th, 7 PM. Saturday, April 23rd, 11 AM 
The Annex, Copeland Building, 1572 Hwy 395 Minden

Roles: (ages may vary)

  • Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen – (f) 40’s; A walking nervous breakdown.
  • Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen – (f) 30’s – 40’s; A hearty good ol’ gal with an unfortunate unibrow.
  • Peaches Verdeen Belrose – (f) 30’s – 40’s; A loud-­‐talking, fun-­‐loving, very flirty flashy dresser.
  • Newt Blaylock – (m) 40’s – 50’s; A high-­‐energy, true Texas eccentric with a patch over one eye.
  • LaMerle Verdeen Minshew – (f) 60’s -­‐ 70’s; The well-­‐dressed, self-­‐serving, sharp-­‐tongued matriarch of the Verdeen clan. 
  • Elsa Dowdall – (f) 30’s – 50’s; European-­‐born, stern, ultra-­‐efficient psychologist.
  • Aubrey Verdeen – (f) 80’s – 90’s; Good-­‐natured, oxygen-­‐dependent patriarch of the family.
  • Cee Cee Windham – (f) 40’s to 50’s; Sassy and stylish, hostess of “Hospitality House”, a low-­‐budget cable tv program. Gaynelle’s best friend. 
  • Bitsy Hargis – (f) 30’s -­‐ 40’s; Perky, prim, nosy, and a throwback to the 1950’s.
  • Sheriff Glover Lout – (m/f) 40’s -­‐ 50’s; Wears mirrored aviator sunglasses.
  • Purvis Verdeen – (m) 30’s – 60’s; The cousin that makes you cringe.
  • Mama Doll Hargis – (f) 80’s – 120! Little old lady lookin’ for love.


It’s a traumatic time for Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen. Her husband has run off with his girlfriend and, in retaliation, Gaynelle has “accidentally” run her car into the double-wide trailer home of that man-stealing woman. Gaynelle subsequently faces various legal charges as well as being observed by a court-appointed psychologist checking on her sanity. All of this happens shortly before the annual Verdeen family reunion in Sweetgum, Texas, usually presided over by Gaynelle’s overbearing Aunt La Merle.

La Merle wants to cancel this year’s reunion because of Gaynelle’s scandal, but Gaynelle and her cousins, sexpot Peaches and laid-back Jimmy Wyvette, insist that the reunion go forward. Besides, Gaynelle bets her house with La Merle that she can make a better-tasting red velvet cake than her officious aunt, who annually takes home the prize for best cake. With the psychologist lurking about, an amorous suitor suddenly appearing out of nowhere and a tornado heading straight for Sweetgum, Gaynelle must learn how to bake a really good cake in a really short time period to keep ownership of her house and keep herself out of jail and the insane asylum to boot.

Production Dates: July 22/3/4, 29/30/31 - Those cast must be available for all of these dates and all of the week of July 17-21 for final production rehearsal week.

All rehearsals will be held at The Annex.

For more information contact:
Diana Jones: (408-804-3366) or Jeff Basa: (775-686-8504)