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That was an AMAZING show - we three enjoyed it so much!!!! Thanks for the great seats - they were really appreciated. My sister was visiting from Irvine, CA and I wanted to give her a taste of what we can do in our neck of the woods. It was really, really fun. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the show. 
- Regards, Anje​

I just wanted to tell you that my husband, son and I saw the show [Rumors] on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. The script is laden with very funny lines and the delivery on most all of them was dead on! Everyone did a wonderful job, and of course, there were some stand-out performances. The theater is lovely and the acoustics were terrific...we didn't struggle to hear anyone and we were near the back row! We look forward to seeing more of your shows there...but I will say, a cushion would be a good idea. The seats grew very uncomfortable as the show went on. Thank you so much for putting on an excellent production in beautiful downtown Minden. 
-Barby Bridges

I'm an experienced performer with a Masters in Directing and have done much improv, musical comedy and comedic live theatre in my life. I've been lucky to work with pros in dance, voice, movement and improv, and the one thing I have learned is that performing is an art that literally comes in so many mediums, that the best way to become skilled in that form is to work with the pros and glean from their experience. That's what this was for me. Kat imparted great tidbits and guidance that made this medium of stand-up accessible and rewarding. 
-Karen Chandler​